Media Relations

Strategic campaign development

  • We craft and customize detailed campaigns strategically designed with the client’s needs and wants in mind, creating a tailored fit.

Creation of press releases and news alerts

  • We create proactive press releases and news alerts that announce your news to the media, as well as reactive releases that tie your expertise to breaking news and current trends.

Media training

  • With nearly 26 years in the business, we offer you the tools necessary to be cool and confident when dealing with the media. Whether it’s interviews, meet and greets, or speaking engagements, we’ve got you covered.

Placement in broadcast, print, and online media

  • Our team has all the tools necessary to place you, your product, or your brand in the appropriate media. Whether it is the Dr. Oz Show, Men’s Health, or the LA Times, we can get you there.

Article placements

  • Articles are placed strategically to reach a targeted audience. With a diverse database of media contacts in various fields, we have the tools to submit your article for feature in many outlets.

Media reels

  • We have a keen eye for what the media wants to see. With that being said, we are savvy in recognizing which clips should be compiled into a 2-4 minute reel showcasing your expertise and media personality.

Press kits

  • We compile your bio, up-to-date head-shots and photos, sample interview questions, recent media coverage, and a media reel in a readily-accessible format to share with the media.

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