Media Testimonials

“A stand-up guy, Steve Allen has true passion for all his clients, and it is always a pleasure to work with him!”
 - Tommy Crudup, Sr Talent Executive, The Rachael Ray Show

“Steve Allen does his homework. I feel like the lucky kid who gets to copy his work and still get an A.” 
 - Lisa Lyon, Ex. Producer, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

“I’m always dealing with total professionals at Steve Allen Media.”
 - Bonnie Tiegel, Sr. Producer, Entertainment Tonight

“I can always count on Steve Allen Media to provide the highest quality experts.”
 - Vicki Sheff-Cahan,People magazine

“Steve Allen is one of the best. He’s everything you want in a publicist and more.”
- Vicki Ernst, Producer, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“Steve Allen Media is a reliable and thorough PR team.”
- Leslie Marcus, Producer, The Doctors

“Steve Allen Media are passionate about their clients and work tirelessly on their behalf in a persistent, yet gracious manner. I’m always happy to take Steve’s call because he’s got interesting and unique clients to tell me about, plus he just makes the whole process enjoyable.”
- Siobhan Schanda, Supervising Talent Producer, The Wendy Williams Show

“I’ve leaned on Steve Allen for professional experts of all kinds for years here at Telemundo Network, and they always come through.”
- Dunia Elvir, News Anchor, Telemundo L.A

“Steve Allen is a publicity maven. His creativity, professionalism and radiant personality combined with his brilliant tenacity is proven.”
- Raymond Garcia, Publisher, Penguin Books

“Steve is a force for good. Not only does he have top-notch clients, he knows just which one is the right fit. I keep him on speed-dial."
- Carrie Sloan, Senior Editor, Marie Claire

"Steve proves that ethical public relations is not an oxymoron."
- Nuna Alberts, Senior Editor, Woman's World Magazine

“Steve Allen is one of the brightest and most talented PR guys in the biz.  Over the years, I have produced several TV and radio shows including Leeza, Montel, A&E Biography and Dr. Laura.  He is the first person I think of when I am looking for experts and authors.”
- Michelle Anton, Producer

“Dealing with Steve is always a pleasant experience, he's is efficient, reliable and nice.”
- Lourdes Centeno, Entertainment Editor, People en Español

"Always enjoy booking guests with Steve Allen Media! They represent fascinating experts, and you always get what they have promised!"
- Debbie Supnik, Talent Booker, Home & Family, NBC Universal Studios

“Steve Allen Media is a top-notch firm representing quality talent and renowned experts. It is always a pleasure to work with them.  I am happy to book their high-caliber guests. I recommend them highly.”
- Paul Scott Adamo, National TV Producer and Celebrity Booker for Success Magazine

“Steve Allen Media gets it. They know what editors need and provide perfect sources to fill those needs. I'm constantly impressed with the quality of experts they represent.”
- Meredith Bodgas, Editor in-Chief, Working Mother Magazine and Working

“There are no wasted phone calls to Steve Allen Media. They always come through.”
- Randi Paige, TV Talk Show producer

“I have known Steve Allen for many years and he consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic and a dedication to success.”
- Omar Fernandez, TV Producer, The Cristina Show

“Steve Allen Media is incredible.  They always find me excellent experts to interview.”
- Carole Glines, OK Magazine

“Steve Allen Media offers the best clientele in the business for talk show interviews. My fans call themselves ‘Al Cole-holics’. I say Al Cole is a ‘Steve Allen Media-holic’!"

- Al Cole, Host of the syndicated talk show People of Distinction, CBS radio

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